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Indiana Jones Harrison Ford SIGNED Autograph Raiders Ark Photo Poster Star Wars

A 12X18 photo / poster signed VERY neatly by STAR WARS’s own Han Solo in VERY nice BOLD dark blue Sharpie on March 20th in Washington DC when he was there for an event (the Ford photo is from when he actually signed it). The signature and the photo/poster look…


Indiana Jones Harrison Ford Signed Autograph Raiders Ark Poster Photo Star Wars

GORGEOUS vintage Zig Zag full size reprint poster has been signed in VERY BOLD black Sharpie by MOST of the main ROTLA cast! FORD , JRD, Paul Freeman, Wolf Kahler, The Broch brothers (Russell and Darrell) , Paul Weston, Anthony Higgins, Billy Horgan, etc.. The poster has also been signed…